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Suppliers of Electrical and Lighting products to the construction and household industry

Established in 1968, Bahri & Mazroei Trading Company (BMTC) is one of the most reputed and leading suppliers of electrical and lighting products to the construction and household industry. The company represents some of the most reputed brand names in the lighting and electrical field.  BMTC has been supplying internationally-renowned brands like Crabtree, EGA-MK, Lewden, Barton, Philip Grahame, Cellpack and WJ Furse in the electricals field. In the lighting field, the company has been supplying goods from industry leaders like Trilux, Faeber, Willy Meyer, Schreder, Ventilux, Surya, Tungsram, Honeywell, Bag Turgi and Sozzi.

Besides supplying to the construction industry, BMTC is also known as major wholesaler of a wide range of goods for importers in Africa. Some of the popular products exporrted to Africa include Richmond/Edex dimmers, Brennenstuhl trailing sockets, Edex/EGK cable reels, Edex plugs, Edex emergency lights, Crompton Greaves/Rita heavy duty ventilating and ceiling fans, Cody transformers, BIM/ Friedland door chimes, Klauk compression tools, Alstar insect killers and Armoured cable and wires.

The diverse and comprehensive product range of BMTC is one of its strong points as it gives the African customers the advantage of comparing  prices and features of various products. "BMTC has always associated itself with top class products and manufacturers.

A highly skilled and experienced workforce has helped the company gain a loyal clientele in the African markets. A strong and well-knit distribution and sales network has further added to the company's growing status as one of the leading suppliers of quality electrical and lighting products. At present, BMTC has six showrooms and two branch offices in the United Arab Emirates.

In the United Arab Emirates, BMTC is known for its commitment to quality and as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of quality products. As a result, the company has been involved in some of the most prestigious building projects in the UAE. These include the Deira City Centre, Hamrain Centre, Emirates Twin Towers, Etisalat, Dubai Airport Freezone, Kendha House, Marriot Hotel, Naboodah Towers and Defence Officers Club - to name a few.

With a well established network of suppliers and clients in the Middle East, the company is now looking to further expand its customer base in the new and emerging markets. Some of the products available with BMTC are extremely popular in various countries and many customers purchase goods from  BMTC showrooms in Dubai. "Our products are gaining increasing popularity with many overseas customers," says the sales manager. "Under the guidence of Mr. Esam R.Al Mazroei - the Director of BMTC, we are planning to launch an aggressive marketing campaign to gain a greater share of the emerging markets around the world," he says.



For further information contact:
Bahri & Mazroei Trading Company
P.O. Box 1247, Dubai
United Arab Emirates 


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